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About NK Emas

NK Emas is a subsidiary of PT. Navin Kumar Perhiasan which deals in the sales of Antam Precious Metals, Silvers, and Diamond. NK Emas has been growing for over 3 generations and is currently run under the leadership of Navin Kumar Akar. NK Emas has also entered into a collaborative contract with DKI Jakarta Cooperative (KPPD). Jewelry and diamond products produced by NK Emas are the result of the production of its own factories located in Bali and Hong Kong. NK Emas also has both an impressive physical and digital presence through its showroom, social media, application, and more!

Throughout the length of the business, NK Emas has established several different ventures, namely Tabungan Emas, Ternak Emas, NK Mini Gold, and trading of Gold, all of which provides high benefits to the community.

Our Vision

To become one of the top Precious Metals, Jewelry, and Diamond production and trading companies in Indonesia, fit with the latest developments and innovations that can allow us to contribute to the economic progress happening in Indonesia. We want to create an environment where the youth of Indonesia are able to comfortably and safely start investing in Gold.

Beli Emas

Customers are able to Buy gold through the ‘Beli Emas’ feature on
our application. We provide both Certified ANTAM Gold and NK
Gold, which is Sucufindo Certified. We sell gold from 0.50 gram
all the way to 1 kg.

We have a 24 x 7 Gold Price Update in our application for our
customers, as can be seen below.

Tabungan Emas

Tabungan Emas (Installment Plan) is a key feature in the
application that allows people to buy gold, ranging from
0.50 gram to 100 grams, through flat installments. We
currently have 1,000 active customers and are looking to
expand that number to 30,000 in the coming three years.

  • Price-Binding
  • Flexible savings period from 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24
  • Investment savings in gold that will continually increase

Ternak Emas

Ternak Emas (Gold Deposit) is a feature that allows
people to deposit gold with a flat profit of 10% yearly. We
currently have 800 active customers and are looking to
expand that number to 10,000 in the coming three years.

  • Gold Deposit period between 6, 12,18, 24, and 36
  • They are able deposit their personal gold or buy ANTAM
  • Customers will be able to see monthly profit and can
    withdraw the profit on a monthly basis, as can be seen

NK Minigold

NK Mini Gold prices start from IDR 17,500 – IDR 260,000. It is 99.99% Purity and
Sucufindo Certified! We have already established shops in virtual marketplaces
(Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli) that have huge market share in the Indonesian ecommerce
industry. We also have a myriad of other vessels for selling NK mini
gold such as distributors, resellers, our application, and offline gold stores.

Gold Trading

We are able to obtain gold for trading through 3 different avenues: direct
from customers, associated gold shops, and mines. Customers are able
to sell gold and jewelry to NK at varying weights and purity. We also buy gold
from verified gold shops on a daily basis. Moreover, we also obtain raw gold
from mines with varying purity and weight.